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an American Hero
16" x 20", oil on board
This painting commemorates the 243rd anniversary of the night Sybil Ludington started her patriotic ride on April 26, 1777. Just 16 years old, she rode through the night; some say 40 miles, bearing the news of the sack of Danbury by the British during the American Revolution. It was dawn when rain soaked and exhausted Sybil rode out of the woods. There on the Ludington’s front lawn were over 400 men, cheering her arrival. Her father, Colonel Henry Ludington, swept her off Star and her mother and brothers and sisters came running. In history she has become known as the female Paul Revere a true Soldier of the Revolution.

An hour or two later the regiment was on the march to Redding. They joined with the militias of Arnold, Wooster and Silliman and the following morning caught up with the retreating British, too late to stop the attack, but not too late to make them pay dearly. The town of Danbury could not be saved, but the militia was able to prevent the British from advancing into New York. The British were pushed back to their boats in Long Island Sound in what is now known as the Battle of Ridgefield. 

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