joan l. garcia  

As the artist who created Trusty, I am proud to support a Superheroes on Parade sculpture for Southeastern Guide Dogs. 
Trusty is dressed in his rare Stock Certificate cape and shining armor to protect the treasure of sparkly gold doubloons hidden in the sand and palm fronds on his base. Sculptor, Scott Moore, sculpted the life size labrador retreivers, for Superheroes on Parade. Click on the photo slide show below and you will see Trusty come to life. 
Applied a gray texture background to the canvas and laid our the grid of the graphic elements.
Designed three various fashion style working women.
The squares of the graphic building reflects the environment
Graphic elements complete. From different angles it appears 3D.
Figures are in gray scale.
Gray scale figures will have limited color.
Using think gray acrylic and a dip pen I created a graphite sketching look to the figures.
The illustration is monotone and only the facial features have a glaze of color.
The reflection on the outside palm tree added to the upper section.
The outside reflection balances the figures on the left.
IMMERSION, 24" x 24" acrylic on canvas
Current work in progress, November 2019, combines fashion drawing, graphic elements and the environment of Florida