joan l. garcia  

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DREAMING OF LIBERTY, 16" x 20" oil on board
This is a painting of my interpretation of the moment after General George Washington,  Colonel George Ross and Robert Morris spoke with Betsy Ross about designing and sewing a flag for the new united colonies. They visited her upholstery shop in Philadelphia with a suggested design that contained six pointed stars, however, Betsy suggested a five pointed star instead. She demonstrated how to cut the pattern and now holds it in her hand as she thinks of this new project and what is to come for the United States of America. 
Graphite sketch of Betsy, two seamstresses in her upholstery shop.
Transferred the sketch to primed Ampersand board with ink and applied yellow ochre, burnt sienna and burnt umber as underpainting.
Added the landscape and figures outside the window. General Washington, George Ross and Robert Morris are shown having just left the shop. Soft focus and a white wash will obscure them.
Added a white glaze for the window glass and the basic wall color.
Added the background with the shelves and glazed the wall color. Also added burnt sienna to the table top.
Finished the objects on the shelves and windowsill. Starting on the figures of Betsy's two assistants. They are referenced in verifying the story of Washington's request for a flag.
A young seamstress sews in the corner by the light of the window.
Working on the head of the 2nd seamstress. Mainly dark tones since she is backlit. I'll add edge highlights toward the end of the painting.
Added her dress design. I was undecided about the pattern. It was difficult but seems appropriate.
Moving toward the foreground it's time to start working on the sewing table items. I'm excited to actually work on the five-pointed star. I've added Washington's military flag thought it wasn't in the original sketch. He also brought Betsy a sketch of what he wanted in the new American Flag.
Starting with the face I've added the darkest areas.
Graphite sketch 16" x 20"
Base ground layer on canvas. I wanted a watercolor effect. Yellow ochre, blue, green with drips and glazes
Establishing the basic forms.
Pine, Rock and Poem by Noguchi Shohin, 1900. This inspired part of my painting.
Nishio-owagi Figure 1847 by Shohin. Another inspiration for my painting. Add a contemporary face and hand.
The background is a series of glazes interpreting the landscape forms of Shohin's paintings. The blocked in the figure's form.
NISHIO-OWAGI WOMAN AND PINE, 16" x 20" acrylic on canvas
This is a painting is my contemporary interpretation of a collage of paintings by Noguchi Shohin, a Japanese painter (1847-1917). It will be shown at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, Florida as part of 100 Women Artists: Now and Then, June 7 - September 1, 2024.