joan l. garcia 

"GENERATIONS OF HERITAGE: White Flamenco"  24"X36"  OIL ON CANVAS, An oil painting commenorating five generations of the Garcia Family hispanic heritage from Spain in the Tampa Bay area.  
"BLACKBERRY FAIRIE"  11"X14",  PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCIL ON STONEHENGE PAPER  This is a commission and I wanted to do something whimsical. Using the child's pose I turned her into a woodland fairie. 

darks filled in with Paynes Gray acrylicwatercolor underpainting Hair defined with light umber
Ybor History Museum was the inspiration for much of the paintingDetailed sketch in graphiteAfter base coating the canvas with burnt sienna the sky was blocked in with a mixture of Cerulean Blue and whiteBlocked in the figures of the woman and child with Paynes GrayPainting the minarets of the University of Tampa, Plant Hall using various grays, ultramarine blue and white. Not too much detail since they are seen in the distance. Under painting of the towers of the minarets. The basics of the Ybor City sign and underpainting of Centro Asturiano. To provide a background for the Casita, Cigarmakers house I used a green landscape, this also is in the view of the University of Tampa. Also added the Columbia Restaurant in the center. Addding the details of Centro Asturiano and the Columbia Restaurant. Blocking the casita (cigarmaker's house in Ybor City). The fountain in the museum garden will be in front. Basecoat of the Ferlita Bakery which is now the Ybor History MuseumAdded the details of the bakery..Adding the midtones of the Casita and details fo the bakery. Painted highlights on the casita and brick of the bakery. Painted the terracotta courtyard and water surrounding the fountain.Blocked in the fountain and Ybor street light using Paynes Gray. Addition of midtones on the fountain and streetlight. Plus a new character has been added; an Ybor rooster. Closeup of the rooster and fountain.Painted in various dark greens for the planting behind the brick wall.The underpainting of the brick wall.Basic underpainting for sidewalk.First I sketched in the perspective for the bricks and the sidewalk. Using naples yellow and raw umber to paint in the bricks. Painted midtones of the dancer's dress with Paynes Gray and White
"Best in Drawing" at the
  Stirling Art Studios and Gallery, Dunedin, FL
2017 All artwork is copyright protected by the artist and may not be reproduced, downloaded or copied in any way.