This drawing is my Iwanagara Orchid in bloom. It is a Cattleya hybrid cross between Brassavola x Cattleya x Diacrium x Laelia. The blooms are a spray of fragrant blossoms called Apple Blossom. Colored pencil on sanded Uart paper gives a rich tone to the drawing. This species is grown just like any other Cattleya and loves the Florida humidity and bright light. 

joan l. garcia  
Morning Phaleanopsis, 16"x20" Oil on Canvas, SOLD - Private Collection
MORNING ORCHIDS, 20"X16" oil on canvas. Cattleya Love Fantasy, Sweet Dreams. This painting won First Place in the Blick Art Materials Small Works Show, Tampa, FL
WHITE VANDA, 16"x20", oil on canvas. I am particularly attracted to white flowers of all kinds.  These White Magic Vandas glow in my garden even at night.
Morada Morning 16"x20" Costa Rica’s National Flower, the Guaria Morada, is an exquisite orchid known for it’s purple hues and diamond-like shimmer. I had this growing in my home in Costa Rica and fell in love with it. According to tradition it brings fortune and good luck.
Maki Wantanabe, 16"x20", oil on canvas,SOLD
Orchids II, 12"x12" acrylic on canvas, SOLD
Orchids I, 12"x12" oil on canvas, SOLD
PHALEANOPSIS, 30"x40" acrylic on canvas. White orchids sometimes called moon orchids. SOLD
PHALEANOPSIS ON GREEN, 30"X40" acrylic on canvas, SOLD
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8" X 8", Colored pencil on sanded Uart paper, 
Price: $200 

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