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Sybil Ludington, American Hero 16"x20" oil on board, $4,000.
Witch Doctor, Extinguisher & Gruff, 20"x16" oil on board (SOLD) Three of the BattleBots from the 2019 season.
MATILDA ON THE PRAIRIE, $800 (framed) 16"X20" oil on panel; One of the oldest breeds of cattle in the United States. Brought here from Spain in the 1500's, Florida Cracker cattle are a special part of Florida History.
CAUGHT IN THE SURF: SNOOK, 24"X24" acrylic on canvas. Price: $865. During late spring Snook move to the passes and inlets to spawn. At Bean Point on Anna Maria Island, they cruise the water's edge and around the point.
CAUGHT IN THE SURF: REDFISH, 24"X24" acrylic on canvas, SOLD During the summer the Redfish move along the shore to eat and spawn. Many times they can be seen swimming right in the breaking surf. They follow the bait along the shore and can be caught during high tide.
TARPON BELOW, 21"x51", acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, Price: $1600. These bait fash a swimming above a hungry Tarpon. The glazing enhances the depth of the water.
CRUISING THE CHANNEL, 30"x30", acrylic on canvas. Price: $1250. FIRST IN SHOW, Stirling Art Studios & Gallery, Dunedin, FL The Passage Key Inlet along the North Shore of Anna Maria Island is a favorite spot for fishermen and kayakers. Below the surface many fish silently cruise the channel.
NORTH SHORE SANDBAR, 40"X18", oil on canvas PRICE: $1275.  The North Shore of Anna Maria Island, Florida is a wonderful fishing spot. Fish cruise the inlet, some of them sharks. The Sandbar Shark, known by it's tall dorsel fin, patrols the bottom looking for food, their favorite; stingrays.
SNOOK AT BEAN POINT, 16"X40" oil on canvas PRICE: $1200. The waters off Anna Maria Island are a fisherman's haven. One the out-going tide the snook line up to catch a tasty sand perch. Does the current sweep the little fish to the hungry snook?
LITTLE LOGGERHEADS, 12"X30" oil on gallery wrapped canvas. PRICE: $800. These juvenile loggerheads have just hatched and dive beneath the waves for protection. I always picture their mother watching in the distance.
TAMPA BAY TARPON, 16"X48", oil on canvas. PRICE: $4800.00. This award winning painting makes you wonder if the pinfish will escape the tarpon.
FLYING GULL, 24"x24" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. PRICE: $550. At the beach look up, these laughing gulls are always soaring above.
Great Blue V, 12"x12" acrylic  on canvas  PRICE: $198. Great Blue Herons are stately and comical this gentleman is standing on a dune being blown by the wind.
GREAT BLUE I, 12"X12" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  PRICE: $198. The Great Blue heron is gazing aloft on the shore of Anna Maria Island. SOLD
GREAT BLUE II, 12"X12" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, This breeze caught this Great Blue Heron's crest. SOLD
GREAT BLUE III, 12"X12" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. PRICE: $198. This Great Blue heron is hunting for a meal on Bean Point, AMI.
GREAT BLUE AND WHITE, 12"x12", acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. SOLD. Great Blue and White Herons are not usually together. These two were standing on the rocks on the north shore of Anna Maria Island. SOLD
Great Blue IV, 12" x 12" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.
This Great Blue heron is hunting for a meal on the shore of Anna Maria Island. SOLD
PIER GULLS, 12"X24" oil on canvas, framed. PRICE: $554. These four gulls were sitting on the railing at the Rod & Reel Pier on Anna Maria Island. (This railing no longer exists since it was blown down during a storm.) I think the actual name of this painting should be JUST LOOKING AT MY FOOT.
NORTH SHORE LANDING, oil on canvas. This was painted on the shore of AMI, is contains sand that was blown when the wind blew unexpectedly.  Price: SOLD
MORNING HUNT,  This elusive Yellow-crowned Night -Heron was hunting in the dunes early one morning on the north shore of Anna Maria Island, FL.  Price: SOLD
WATCHING THE BAY, 30"X40", acrylic on canvas; PRICE: $950.
IBIS LANDING, 30"X15", $750
Coastal areas of Florida abound with wildlife. The brilliant white of these ibis are always striking against the backdrop of mangroves, cypress trees and the tanic color of the water. They forage for crustacions along the water's edge and roost in the nearby trees.
PEACE OF FLORIDA 20"x34" a commission painting to fit a particular area of the clients home this depicts the Peace River in Central Florida. SOLD
FLORIDA TROPICAL GARDEN, oil 30"x40"  The garden is protected from the winter frosts by grandfather oaks and you will find varigated ginger, fishtail ferns, umbrella pants, gardenias, painted ferms, rex begonia, clerodendrum, bird's nest fern, and many others. SOLD
Acadia Sunset 24"x36" acrylic on canvas. An elongated version of the lighthouse at Acadia National Park. SOLD
Ybor Beauty, 24"x36" oil on canvas, Private Collection. A Flamenco Dancer from the Columbia Restaurant under the 7th Avenue antique street light.
DANCE WITH PASSION, 11"X14" acrylic on canvas, This painting highlights in textured abstract form the movement of fabric as the dancer swirls. SOLD
WHITE DRESSES: Ballet  11"x14" acrylic on canvas. Part of the series White Dresses depicts the movement of fabric in an abstract way with layers of color and glaze. SOLD
CHARLES JAMES SWAN GOWN 18"X24" acrylic on canvas The inspiration for this painting came from America's first couturier,  Charles James. He looked at his dresses as works of art; this is an terpretation of his Swan Ball Gown. SOLD
White Flamenco, 24"x36" oil on canvas, Private Collection Hispanic Heritage Poster Contest
IMMERSION, 24"X24" acrylic on canvas, This combines by study of fashion drawing, graphic elements and the environment of Florida. $750
TRADITIONS, 24"X36", OIL ON CANVAS, Food is an integral part of family life in the Latin Cultural. This tile work and foods can be found along 7th Avenue in Ybor City Florida. Price SOLD
HOMESTEAD DOORWAY, 30"x48" acrylic on canvas. The country life Homestead Florida is fading in the growth of the city. This Cracker House with it's wide porches overlooks a Dade County Pine Forest. SOLD
A TEXAS VIEW, 24"x36", acrylic on canvas. PRICE: $900. Central Texas is a haven for bluebonnets in the spring. The artist always enjoyed looking out her window at her bluebonnet meadow.
HIDDEN STREAM AT LOWRY PARK, 8"x10" oil on board framed. PRICE $150. The beautiful park area outside the entrance to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida is often overlooked in the rush to see the animals. This painting is located along the stream that runs behind the bandstand.
SKIPPERS SMOKEHOUSE AT DAYLIGHT, 5"x7" oil on board framed. PRICE: $150. Skippers Smokehouse is a long-standing live music venue, restaurant, oyster bar, caterer and talent agency located in Tampa, Florida Seeing Skippers in the morning and painting plein air is a special opportunity.
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This painting was commissioned for the owner of Southern Manufacturing Technologies. SMT machined parts for these robots that were engineered for the 2019 Season of Robot Fighting. Painted in oil on Ampersand Hardboard I created a fictional robot combat between Witch Doctor, Extinguisher and Gruff BattleBots. 

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20" X 16" Oil on Board