joan l. garcia 
This is the first building as the First Presbyterian Church of Belton, Texas,
Second building of the First Presbyterian Church of Belton, Texas. This church was destroyed by fire. They are currently in a much more modern building.
Tampa Bay area home, see "In Progress"  page for more information.
11: x 14" pen and ink, watercolor on paper. A commissioned drawing reflecting Texas patriotism. As you travel the country roads every farm displays the American Flag adding the red, white and blue to the Texas landscape.
Family home, watercolor 11"x14", on archival paper. This family home is in disrepair, the drawing was done from old photographs and memories.
This beautiful doorway was used for this family's Christmas card.
Book cover illustration for a novel, Collision Course by LR Penn
Bookcover illustration commission by the author LR Penn titled "In The Blood".
Commissioned illustration; book illustration, historical buildings, family homes and local landscapes. 

A beautiful home on Anna Maria Island, Florida,  commissioned by it's owners. 
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Pen/ink/watercolor on archival paper
11"x14" $300
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